Webinar: 7.5 Growth Hacks For Your Lawn and Landscape Company

Industry1/18/2024 3:00 PM

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One of the biggest advantages of working at Holganix is that you have the opportunity to learn from hundreds of lawn care companies and take note of best practices in the industry. You're invited to attend our upcoming webinar on 7.5 Growth Hacks for Your Lawn & Landscape Company on January 18 @ 10:00 am Eastern. In this webinar, we have compiled 7.5 of our favorite growth hacks used by lawn care companies in America and Canada. From sales hacks to production efficiencies to hiring best practices, we’ll dive into a myriad of helpful lawn and landscape business tips. What can you expect from the webinar? We sit down with Holganix President of Turf and Ornamental, Rob McCoy, and Holganix Vice President of Turf and Ornamental, Brian Marr, to discuss: Simple sales hacks to increase your close rate, Tricks for thinking about lead generation, Ways to increase production efficiencies, Open Q&A with the audience


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