Exploring Porous Glass as a Cutting-Edge Substrate for Life Science Applications

Technology > Lifescience1/11/2024 4:00 PM

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Discover an informative webinar to explore porous glass innovations’ diverse uses in life science research and diagnostics. Learn about the unique properties and versatile applications of porous glass in designing and manufacturing life science research and diagnostic consumables. Join this webinar to explore the diverse applications of porous glass, from improving DNA synthesis to serving as a superior alternative in filtration and separation processes.


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SCHOTT MINIFAB is a microfluidic product development and manufacturing company. They partner with clients to create and manufacture ground-breaking diagnostic and life science products that are changing the world. They specialize in polymer and glass microfluidics, microarray development, and customized coatings for glass substrates. With their expertise and advanced technologies, they transform concepts into commercially successful products. SCHOTT MINIFAB's processes are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, ensuring quality at every stage of the product's life cycle.