SaaS Security Trends and Your 2024 Strategy – Stay Ahead of the Game

Technology > Cybersecurity11/30/2023 5:00 PM

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The democratization of IT is in full swing, being led by business units purchasing and securing cloud-based SaaS apps. With this joint responsibility, security teams are being relegated to the role of governors instead of controllers, guiding the SaaS application business owners on how to practice security. Join us for a conversation between Maor Bin, CEO of Adaptive Shield, and Ed Amoroso, CEO of Tag Infosphere, as they discuss the implications of this transition and the new trends in SaaS Security. In this webinar, Maor and Ed will explore: Emerging SaaS Security threats and the new access vectors, Security team’s role as a partner in securing SaaS applications in 2024 – using tools like SSPM to gain visibility into SaaS misconfigurations, users, user devices, and interconnected apps, The growing need for SaaS Identity-centric Threat Detection & Response mechanisms


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Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield is a leading SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solution that helps businesses gain control over their critical SaaS applications. With Adaptive Shield, companies can drastically increase their SaaS security posture, continuously strengthen their security, and detect and respond to threats. The platform integrates with over 120 SaaS apps out-of-the-box, providing comprehensive visibility and control over the SaaS ecosystem. From managing SaaS misconfigurations to governing identity and access management, Adaptive Shield offers a holistic approach to SaaS security. Trusted by global companies like Strauss Group, Schrodinger, and Doctolib, Adaptive Shield is a trusted partner in securing the entire SaaS stack. For more information, visit our website.