Can Microsoft Purview provide a unified security and governance solution for all of your information?

Technology > Cybersecurity11/30/2023 5:00 PM

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Most organizations have information on file servers, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, ServiceNow, JIRA, and many more. Infotechtion embrace and extend Microsoft Purview to manage content across IT systems with our i-ARM solutions. To ensure you keep what you need and delete the rest, we connect Purview with legal retention software like Iron Mountain Policy Center and Access Corp Virgo. 

Join this webinar to learn how to best manage all your content with Microsoft Purview with automatic identification of records, ROT, and sensitive information.


  • vivek bhatt
    CTO, Infotechtion
    Vivek is a leading expert in Microsoft cloud, recognized as an early influencer together with Microsoft led information governance and records management journey. He has led several strategic Microsoft O365 and Azure cloud transitions for global enterprises across energy and utilities, financial services and UK public sector.
  • Atle Skjekkeland
    CEO, Infotechtion
    Atle is an information innovator and educator. His interest in the impact of cloud, social, mobile, IoT, and artificial intelligence has made him a frequent keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at information management events across the world.


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Infotechtion is a leading provider of smart data security and governance solutions for Microsoft 365 and beyond. Their solutions address every facet of information protection and governance within the Microsoft cloud and offer services such as information management and protection strategy, data security and governance assessment, proof-of-concept as a service, and more. With a commitment to excellence and collaboration with Microsoft, Infotechtion aims to meet the specific security needs of organizations across various industries. Visit their website to explore their services and solutions.