Testim releases no-code functionality, zero-footprint authoring, and more to simplify web and mobile testing

Technology > Programming12/5/2023 7:00 PM

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Testim’s latest release introduces new features that improve the testing process for web and mobile apps, enhance visibility, and get you faster access to the information you need to test at speed. In this webinar, we’ll take you on a tour of the latest features, including: - An AI-powered help assistant: You can now get quick answers to your questions with our help chatbot, which combs previous support tickets, documentation, and other resources to get you the information you need in real time. - No-code capabilities: Testim now automatically inserts email validation checks without the need for customized JavaScript, enabling less technical users to achieve more with Testim - Mobile testing enhancements: Zero-footprint enables remote test authoring and execution on the Tricentis Virtual Mobile Grid, gain insights from improved analytics views, and more. The product featured in this webinar is Tricentis Testim. Try it now and watch 5-min overview to learn more.


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Tricentis is a leading provider of automated software testing tools. Their products include Tosca for enterprise end-to-end test automation, Testim for custom web and mobile app testing, qTest for enterprise test management, and NeoLoad for load and performance testing. They also offer data and change intelligence solutions, as well as mobile testing capabilities. Tricentis enables organizations to accelerate testing, improve quality, and reduce costs across diverse teams, application types, and IT architectures.