How to Sharpen Your Skills in Quantum Processor Tune-Up Automation

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How to Sharpen Your Skills in Quantum Processor Tune-Up Automation

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 • 11:00 AM ET

Most quantum processing units (QPUs) today have at best a hundred or a few hundred qubits, which makes qubit characterization extremely complex. The many tune-up operations that take place are not as fast as needed, and they require manual intervention. 

In this webinar, we demonstrate a software platform that allows researchers to speed up QPU tune-up, have an in-depth understanding of qubit parameters, improve their qubits, and be able to work more efficiently with their chips. Specifically, we will break down the qubit characterization workflow into physical control segments and explain the physics behind those segments. We will use a 5-qubit transmon superconducting qubit chip to explain basic characterization methods: resonator and qubit spectroscopy, Rabi and Ramsey measurements, single-shot readout, and single-qubit gate randomized benchmarking.  At the end, we will put it all back together and show how Quantum Edge automates single-qubit characterization workflow. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Dive into the main ideas behind quantum computing building blocks.  

  • Review the basic steps for characterizing single qubits. 

  • Break down the physics of superconducting qubits.  

  • Learn about quantum processing unit tune-up automation. 

 Who Should Attend: 

  • Machine learning experts curious about quantum technologies 

  • Advanced undergraduate and graduate (master’s and PhD) physics students 

  • Software and hardware engineers with an interest in quantum technologies 


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