Power Shift: Why we need to wean our industrial food systems off fossil fuels (Option 1)

Industry > Energy11/14/2023 8:00 AM

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Our modern industrialized food system is highly energy intensive. For example, fossil fuels are used in pesticides and synthetic fertilizer production and application, as well as for plastics throughout the value chain (including food packaging). Transportation, refrigeration, industrial and home cooking, and food waste also consume vast amounts of energy. As fossil fuel companies entrench their influence, governments worldwide must rapidly shift to sustainable practices like agroecology, regenerative agriculture, and local value chains. Hosting COP28, the United Arab Emirates, a major oil producer, signals a positive step, but it must not divert attention from the pressing need to phase out fossil fuels to avert climate catastrophe. During this webinar we will dive deep into our newest study titled “Power Shift: Why we need to wean our food systems off fossil fuels” and the accompanying discussion paper, "Toward fossil fuel-free food: Why greater collaboration between food and energy systems players is key." These reports explore the intersection of food and energy systems and their profound implications. We will present the key findings and also offer insightful commentary on their relevance to the critical discussions at COP28.


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Global Alliance for the Future of Food

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