Crypto Regulation in Indonesia

Technology > Cryptocurrency11/8/2023 1:31 PM

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Join us on Wednesday, 8th November 2023, at 7.30 PM JKT for an in-depth exploration of "Crypto Regulation in Indonesia: A Comprehensive Overview of Current and Upcoming Policies." Our panel of experts will delve into the complex landscape of crypto regulation in Indonesia, shedding light on the current state of affairs and the future regulatory landscape. Meet the Speakers: Muhammad Yusuf Musa Crypto Asset Committee Member, Aditya Suseno, CFO, Bitwyre, Iqbal Aristya, CTO,, Anagh Tiwari, AVP- Legal, Liminal, Alessandro C Leonardo, Business Development Manager, DigitalExchange.ID. This webinar will be streamed live on LinkedIn, Twitter (@LmnlHQ) and YouTube (@LiminalHQ) so that you can join us from your preferred platform. Mark your calendar and spread the word! Register- Let's decode the future of crypto regulation in Indonesia together. See you there! #CryptoRegulation #Indonesia #Webinar #LiminalCustodySolutions #ExpertInsights


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