6 Leadership “Watchouts” for Public Safety Leaders

Environment > Fire Safety11/1/2023 5:00 PM

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It’s not easy being a leader in public safety. You’re expected to demonstrate empathy and strength, vision and command, integrity yet flexibility. And the various stakeholders you serve – your personnel, your elected officials and your community members – often expect different things. How can you navigate these challenges? It’s not easy, but being on the lookout for “leadership watchouts” can help. In this webinar, Battalion Chief Bruce Bjorge and Chief (Ret.) Dave Funkhouser share six areas that can spell trouble for public safety leaders and discuss how you can meet these challenges, build your leadership strengths and improve the overall wellness and productivity of your agency personnel. Engage in the discussion by submitting your questions live. And set yourself up to finish the year strong and move into 2024 with renewed energy and commitment. You’ll learn: - How to avoid common mistakes that lead to leadership failures. - The importance of self-care and how to become a leader in wellness. - How to take steps to ensure policy and practice are aligned. - How to become a servant leader instead of a servant to leadership.


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