Fine-Tune and Serve 100s of LLMs for the Cost of One with LoRAX - Demio

Technology > AI (Artificial Intelligence)11/7/2023 6:00 PM

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Introducing the most efficient–and lowest cost–way to fine-tune and serve LLMs. Join us to learn how you can get started for free.


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Predibase is the Developers Platform for Productionizing Open-source AI. It allows you to fine-tune smaller task-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) that outperform bloated alternatives from commercial vendors. With Predibase, you can build and deploy custom models quickly and efficiently, privately deploy any open-source LLM, and efficiently fine-tune models for your specific tasks. The platform also offers scalable serving infrastructure and managed serverless infrastructure, making it easier for developers to work with machine learning models. Predibase is designed for engineers, giving them full ownership of the models they build and customize. It is built on proven open-source technologies like Ludwig and Horovod, allowing for easy development and scaling of deep learning models. Predibase supports various use cases, including unstructured data analytics, recommendation systems, customer service automation, churn prediction, predictive lead scoring, anomaly and fraud detection, and demand forecasting. Get started with Predibase and start leveraging the power of AI today!