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Ensure compliance across teams with continual monitoring and automatic explanation for risks and biases in any AI workflow.



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A Deep Dive into AI Regulations in the U.S. and the EU | All You Need to Know About AI Governance - Part 1
🎉 Get ready to dive into the world of AI governance at BreezeML's upcoming webinar, "A Deep Dive into AI Regulations in the U.S. and the EU"! This is the first session in BreezeML's "All You Need to Know About AI Governance" webinar series, a comprehensive crash course on AI governance that examines its principles and practical implementation, includes the perspectives of different practitioners involved (compliance officers, engineers, and auditors), and sheds light on associated issues such as AI safety and fairness/bias. 🥳 Joining us this session are top-notch experts on AI law Richard Borden (Partner at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz; based in New York City) and Benjamin Docquir (Partner at Osborne Clarke; based in Brussels), ready to explore the state of AI regulations in the United States and the European Union (EU). 🧐 So, whether you're a compliance officer, a lawyer, a machine learning engineer or just plain curious, grab your virtual seat and a cup of your favorite morning brew. We're about to unravel the complexities of AI regulations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, so don't miss out on this enlightening discussion – it's going to be informative, engaging, and above all, an amAIzing time! 🚀
2/13/2022 4:30 PM