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Akamai is a leading global provider of cloud computing, security, and content delivery solutions. Their Connected Cloud platform enables businesses to scale with confidence, build applications anywhere, secure against sophisticated threats, and deliver flawless digital experiences. Trusted by the world's leading Healthcare and Life Sciences companies, Akamai is dedicated to improving performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Stay connected with Akamai on Twitter, LinkedIn, and email for the latest updates and advancements in cloud computing, security, and content delivery.



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Data Center Modernization for Better Cost Efficiency
Dive deep into the realm of data center modernization, focusing on the transition from traditional on-premise web security and DDoS protection to more advanced, cloud-based platforms. This shift away from older hardware models, like F5 and Arbor, marks a significant move towards a more efficient and scalable infrastructure. Explore the benefits of a software-driven approach that transcends the limitations of traditional firewalls and Secure Web Gateways. Key features such as enhanced scalability, improved threat detection, and flexible access management for mobile users will be highlighted, showcasing how these capabilities can strengthen your data center. Discover strategies for optimizing network efficiency. The focus will be on reducing reliance on traditional VPNs, thereby enhancing digital workspace agility. We'll examine how this modern approach to network management not only streamlines operations but also significantly boosts performance, especially in off-corporate scenarios.
1/18/2024 4:00 PM