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Can REITs Recover in 2024?
The REIT sector has been pummelled badly in 2023 due to a combination of surging inflation and high interest rates. As a result, many REITs have fallen to 52-week lows as poor sentiment dogs the asset class. Many REITs saw their net property and distributable incomes battered by higher finance, utility and staff costs, resulting in lower year-on-year distribution per unit. As we head into 2024, could REITs enjoy a respite from the challenges they face? Investors are looking at whether REITs can fend off these headwinds as they step into an uncertain 2024. Will 2024 be as brutal as 2023? Or could there be a silver lining for REITs to enable them to enjoy a robust recovery? Join us in our webinar to find out more!
1/9/2024 11:30 AM