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Alloy Therapeutics is a biologics drug discovery services company that democratizes access to robust biologics discovery services and cutting-edge technology platforms. They offer their platforms and services to the entire drug discovery community, providing foundational biologics discovery technologies through bespoke campaigns or licensing into labs. They help academic scientists, small and medium biotech companies, and large biopharma companies discover drugs through their services and proprietary platforms in areas such as therapeutic antibody discovery, T cell receptor (TCR) discovery, genetic medicines, and multi-modal therapeutics. Alloy Therapeutics is a team of 100+ people across 5 research sites and collaborates with partners to leverage their technology and services as an innovation engine for the drug discovery industry.



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Discovering Functional & Developable Bispecific Antibodies Using Fully Human Common Light Chain Transgenic Mice
Discover a groundbreaking webinar exploring innovative approaches in the discovery of bispecific antibodies using the ATX-CLC mouse strain along with reviewing case studies and validated data. Bispecific antibodies continue to be a transformative approach to treating a wide range of diseases across a range of mechanisms including T-Cell engagers, biparatopics, cis-targeting and more. However, discovering novel, developable and therapeutically relevant bispecifics is technically and strategically challenging and requires deep domain expertise as well as next-generation, integrated workflows. Alloy Therapeutic’s bispecific discovery services integrate best-in-class discovery platform technologies with world-class scientific experts to serve as an extension of research and development (R&D) teams and take bispecific programs further faster.
2/6/2024 4:00 PM