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Future Horizons provides timely and useful industry analysis and consulting services on the global semiconductor industry, from the underlying science and technology to the manufacturing and markets.



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IFS2024 - 16 January 2024
Has the chip market bust come to an end? What fate now awaits the industry? Founded in 1989, Future Horizons’ track record and industry experience makes this a must-attend event for key decision makers in the semiconductor, electronics and all related industries. We always present accurate and insightful analysis at these events backed up by sound data. This one-hour broadcast will focus on the chip industry outlook, including: • Has the market boom turned to bust • What is the market outlook for 2023 • What are the exposures, vulnerabilities, opportunities, lossers and gainers • What will the likely downturn repercussions be • How to build resilient strategies and business models • Opportunity to ask specific questions in advance, during and after the webinar Why Future Horizons? We have been in the business of forecasting and analysing the semiconductor market for over 55 years, from the first commercial IC, and have been a trusted advisor to many of the top global semiconductor companies. Time and time again we have saved our clients time and money with our insightful and accurate analysis.
1/16/2024 3:00 PM