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HiberTec Homes is a groundbreaking, fully patented design and process that offers ultimate defense against wildfires and wind. With custom-designed modular homes that automatically lower underground during wildfire threats and resurface unscathed after the threat has passed, HiberTec Homes provides a solution to save homes and other structures from devastation. Our high-end modular designs, advanced technology, and patent-protected Building Structure Transition System and Method make HiberTec Homes the safest and smartest choice for protection against wildfires. Contact us to learn more about this innovative and affordable solution to wildfire protection.



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HiberTec Final Webinar
Join us for an exclusive live webinar hosted by CEO Holden Forrest alongside a surprise guest speaker, offering the final opportunity to explore and inquire about HiberTec's investment opportunity on Republic.
1/5/2024 9:30 PM