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A worldwide leader in sample introduction and sample handling equipment for elemental analysis. Teledyne CETAC Technologies provides a comprehensive range of product based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging from drinking water and high purity acids to radioactive waste. Our spectroscopy and automation groups develop, manufacture and market a family of products and services for customers around the world, for use in every industry where rapid and accurate determination of trace element concentrations is required.



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How to get more done in less time by automating sample preparation for trace element analysis
Webinar: How to get more done in less time by automating sample preparation for trace element analysis Want to do two things at once, the easy way? Now you can. We welcome you to join us Wednesday, Jan. 10, for an informative, 45-minute webinar plus interactive Q&A session with an expert to gain critical knowledge on how to work faster and better in the lab. How? By automating sample dilution, sample spiking and calibration standard preparation. During the webinar, you’ll learn: • General requirements of the trace element laboratory • A typical laboratory workflow for trace element analysis • Sample preparation requirements • The challenges of manual sample preparation • Creating workflow efficiencies by automating sample dilution • Manual preparation versus automated preparation • The SimPrep system • Analytical examples Your presenter will be Peter Winship, Ph.D. Peter is a sales manager responsible for Teledyne CETAC Technologies, Leeman Labs and Tekmar products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has a doctorate degree in analytical chemistry and has worked with ICP-MS and ICP-OES instrumentation since 2001. He has experience in the oil industry and biological and geological testing, and has authored or contributed to many peer reviewed publications. He also has presented widely at international conferences. To attend the webinar, just register by choosing the time that works best for you. We’ll see you then!
1/10/2024 3:00 PM