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Discover how Gecko Robotics provides unprecedented visibility into asset health of critical infrastructure through robotic inspections and software solutions.



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Technology to Reduce Forced Outages Webinar
Like all electric power producers, forced outages mean reduced megawatt hour (MWh) generation, a strain on the grid for the surrounding community, and lost revenue. And for a power plant in West Virginia, recurring boiler tube failure and subsequent downtime meant falling behind its peers. The plant manager and his team turned to technology to provide the data and insights needed to guarantee uptime and seamless energy production. In a recent 5-day planned outage, data from a full-coverage robotic boiler tube inspection was used to generate a targeted repair plan in just eight hours. Armed with this information, the plant is making repairs, planning for future outages, and driving efficiencies along the entire maintenance value chain. In this webinar, learn how this end-to-end solution, which combines robotics and advanced software analytics, is empowering this power plant to make data-driven boiler management decisions.
1/10/2024 7:00 PM