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Biotage is a global impact tech company that offers workflow solutions and products in drug discovery and development, diagnostics, analytical testing, and water and environmental testing. Through their technologies and people, Biotage aims to solve society's problems and make the world a better place. Their first-class solutions improve workflows and reduce environmental impact, contributing to sustainable science and a better tomorrow.



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Unparalleled Peptide Library Production: Automating High-throughput Peptide Synthesis and Purification
Discover a groundbreaking webinar delving into automated plate-based unparalleled peptide library production. Peptides and other beyond-rule-of-five compounds have become thoroughly entrenched within the medicinal chemist’s modality toolbox. Principally, this is motivated by their potential for antibody-like target affinity and specificity coupled with the potential for cell permeability. With the advent of unbiased screening technologies, incorporating both natural and non-natural amino acids, the propensity for pursuing a discovery project with these compounds has become more tractable. Once hits are selected from the primary screen, the chemist’s job truly begins. Automated parallel peptide synthesizers enable the preparation of hundreds to thousands of peptides simultaneously, further driving a peptide drug discovery campaign. However, solutions that address the onerous downstream and high-throughput workup requirements for those peptide libraries are limited. The featured speaker will present data demonstrating a disruptive approach to downstream handling of peptide libraries that replaces traditionally manual processes without compromising peptide integrity and product yield. All the while potentially improving purity before delivery to downstream biological assays. As technologies for unbiased peptide library screening incorporating both natural and non-natural amino acids have evolved, the appetite for large and synthetic peptide libraries has increased. Therefore, demanding changes to the traditional workflow to avoid significant productivity bottlenecks. New technologies must consider fundamental standards from the established methodologies before widespread acceptance can be achieved. Join this webinar to gain insight into the uncompromising criteria and understand how those demands are addressed in this newly proposed peptide library workflow.
1/16/2024 4:00 PM