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The Natural Areas Association is a professional organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of natural areas. We bring together scientists, professionals, and community members to share knowledge, strategies, and tools for managing natural areas. Our work includes publishing the prestigious Natural Areas Journal, organizing the annual Natural Areas Conference, hosting webinars, and offering Stewardship in Action Field Workshops. Join us in our mission to preserve and promote the importance of natural areas for biodiversity and ecosystem health.



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Communicating About Invasive Plants
Species invasions are ranked among the top global drivers of change to biodiversity and ecosystem services, with big economic costs. Communicating about introduced species and their impacts in ways that engage and empower audiences can be challenging but is necessary to enable informed decision-making. This webinar will present an overview of a recent, ongoing project at Carnegie Museum of Natural History on invasive plants and seek participant feedback and discussion on best practices for effectively and inclusively communicating about invasive plants to diverse audiences.
1/16/2024 5:00 PM