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Sonatype is a software supply chain management company that helps organizations manage the security and compliance risks associated with open source software. Their platform includes Sonatype Repository Firewall, which blocks malicious open source components at the door, Sonatype Nexus Repository, which helps build applications faster with centralized components, and Sonatype Lifecycle, which controls open source risk across the software development lifecycle. Sonatype's solutions are trusted by enterprises worldwide to deliver products faster while ensuring the security of their software supply chain.



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How to Safeguard Your Software Supply Chain
In 2023, an alarming 96% of vulnerabilities found in open source downloads were avoidable. Sonatype CTO, Brian Fox, and Guest Speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst, Janet Worthington, shed light on crucial data and insights for industry leaders, the significance of SCA testing, and proactive measures teams take to brace themselves against future cyberattacks. They delve into the implications of software supply chain regulations and the need for better OSS consumption practices.
3/13/2024 3:00 PM