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KuppingerCole is your trusted advisor for identity and security solutions. They provide insights, research, and advisory services in the areas of customer identity and access management, decentralized identity, fraud prevention, identity and access management, identity governance and administration, passwordless authentication, privileged access management, and zero trust. With a team of experienced analysts and advisors, KuppingerCole helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital identity and security.



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Navigating the Future of API Security: Trends, Challenges, and Innovations
Join this webinar to explore the evolution of API security from technical tools to the backbone of digital business. Topics covered include: the growth of the API security industry, the rise of new standards and technologies, and the challenge of safeguarding APIs. This session will be led by KuppingerCole's Lead Analyst, Alexei Balaganski, and will present the results of recent research on the API security and management markets.Speakers: Alexei Balaganski
12/6/2023 3:00 PM