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Safe Security is a global leader in cybersecurity and digital business risk quantification. With their AI-Fueled Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds Platform, they predict and prevent cyber breaches for Fortune 500 companies. Their mission is to become the de-facto industry standard to measure, manage, and transfer cyber risk.



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Accelerating GenAI Adoption Through Risk Management
Companies are taking a cautious approach towards embracing AI. Their concerns stem from the potential risks associated with data privacy breaches, intellectual property loss, emerging cyber threats, compliance risks, and legal liabilities. Looking at the GenAI risk as ‘just-another-data-risk’ is not enough. To successfully adopt AI, it's time to shift our thinking to a new approach.Join this webinar with a panel of experts and learn how to:Get visibility into top enterprise GenAI risk scenariosMeasure and manage GenAI risk using a data-driven and automated approachBuild a high-level framework/treatment plan for GenAI Risks using standards-based frameworks such as MITRE ATLAS and FAIR-CAM
12/14/2023 6:00 PM