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NetAlly is the #1 ally of network professionals worldwide when it comes to network testing and analysis. With best-in-class tools and software, NetAlly enables teams to effectively plan, install, validate, and troubleshoot important wired and wireless networks. Their wired solutions include products like EtherScope nXG, LinkRunner 10G, and LinkRunner AT. For wireless solutions, they offer AirCheck G3 PRO, EtherScope nXG, and AirMapper Site Survey. NetAlly's network testing tools are trusted by industry professionals and come highly recommended.



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A Day in the Life of a WLAN Pro - Challenges of Deploying HUGE! K-12 Networks
Ever wondered what are the challenges of deploying a network in a huge K-12 School? There is a lot of them... Training local hands-on how to perform a Wi-Fi site survey so you can cover more ground in less time, troubleshooting PoE problems on VoIP phones, qualifying fiber connections between campus buildings, mapping a wired network that wasn't labeled correctly, validating new AP installations. So, how can you effectively tackle this and other challenges? Well, wonder no more! Join us for NetAlly's next live webcast with special guest Keith Parsons, Managing Director at Wireless LAN Professionals, to learn about the challenges he faced while recently deploying a wireless network in a HUGE K-12 school. Plus, how he overcame those challenges!
12/6/2023 5:00 PM