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GoodWolff offers people safe, friendly and efficient training and behavior modification for their dogs in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.



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Training your dog to lay on their side: Overcoming training obstacles
It can be a tricky task to train some dogs to lay fully on their sides, but it’s a very useful behaviour for a ton of medical and grooming purposes—trimming nails is just the beginning! Join Jane Wolff, co-owner of Good Wolff and creator of the “Fresh and Fearless: Basic grooming made easy” course, who will troubleshoot typical issues with training dogs to achieve this position, a.k.a. lateral recumbency, in a short webinar. Jane will review luring techniques and environmental management that can really jump-start your training and help you to get your dog comfortably laying down and ready for further training. She’ll also review why this position is useful and when to avoid training a dog to lay on their side. Kristi Benson, who hosts Jane’s course and is a special correspondent to Companion Animal Psychology, will join Jane as well. After the webinar, we’ll take audience questions.
11/21/2023 6:00 PM