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We are a global network of passionate developers who work in the NoSQL Document Database environment. We talk about technology challenges, assist in the emergence and development of techniques, and popularize solutions in the document database space, no matter whether they are open-source or proprietary. The goals of the Community are to present new technologies, highlight alternatives and unite Document Database developers and users.



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Bridging two worlds: An introduction to document-relational databases
Ever wondered what would happen if the agility of NoSQL document databases married and had kids with the rigors of relational databases? Documents, but with foreign keys and JOINs. Schema enforcement, but with multi-Region and multi-active but strongly consistent ACID transactions. All wrapped up into a serverless, API-driven database designed for developers and CI/CD. Let’s dive into document-relational databases, exploring how one can offer what we hoped NoSQL would but has missed the mark for so many.
1/17/2024 5:00 PM
Global NoSQL Benchmark Framework: embracing Real-World Performance
In this talk, we describe a Multi-Region Benchmark Framework. Unlike single-zone benchmarks, our solution mirrors real-world customer patterns globally, considering diverse network conditions and device capabilities. We'll provide practical examples to Identify and address performance disparities, optimize scalability across regions, and ensure your databases deliver consistent, reliable performance worldwide. Don't settle for single-zone limitations – embrace a comprehensive approach for peak performance and reliability.
1/10/2024 5:00 PM
JSON performance - PostgreSQL vs MongoDB
MongoDB's claim to fame is its exceptional ability to handle unstructured data and scale horizontally. PostgreSQL is a traditional relational database, very popular with application developers, and comes with increasing native ability to handle unstructured data. This talk aims to benchmark and compare performance in handling JSON data between the two databases.
11/30/2023 5:00 PM