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The Knowledge Hub connects innovative trauma-and violence-informed health promotion projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment, “Supporting the health of victims of domestic violence and child abuse through community programs” (2015-2022) and subsequently, Preventing and addressing Family Violence: The Public Health Perspective (2022-2026).



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Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence Among Teens
This Webinar explores what we (don’t) know about TFGBV and discuss some of the emerging best practices for supporting young people in Canada. First, we speak about existing gaps in the research on TFGBV in Canada, before bringing in experts in the areas of digital media, education, law, and criminology to talk about how they are working to fill these gaps. We offer our Webinars in both official languages: English and French. This Webinar will run in English with simultaneous French and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. A Webinar recording in English and French will be made available after the Webinar.
11/14/2023 6:00 PM