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Bettersize Instruments Ltd. is a leading provider of particle size and powder characterization solutions. We offer a wide range of instruments and services for industries such as pharmaceuticals, biologics, electronics, chemicals, and more. Our advanced technologies, including laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, and image analysis, enable accurate and efficient particle size measurement. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Bettersize Instruments is dedicated to helping businesses improve their product development and quality control processes.



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Advancing Battery Performance Through Particle Size and Shape Analysis
Modern batteries have revolutionized our lives, from powering our smartphones to electric vehicles. However, there are persistent challenges in characterizing and optimizing batteries for superior performance and longevity. This webinar will address the importance of particle size and shape analysis of battery materials and how the combination of laser diffraction and image analysis can better help enhance the lifespan of batteries.Key TakeawaysBattery materials and their propertiesHow particle size and shape can affect performance of battery materials and slurriesHow laser diffraction and image analysis can be used to enhance the lifespan of batteriesDiscover the latest technological advancements to achieve particle size and shape analysis in one goReal-world case studies that demonstrate significant advancements in battery performanceWho Should Attend?Anyone developing battery materials or interested in characterizing battery materialsResearchers, scientists and professors involved in battery research and developmentEngineers and professionals involved in battery quality control and manufacturing processesSpeakers: Beverly Barnum, PhD (Senior Application Scientist) and Weichen Gan, MS (Application Scientist).Register now to secure your spot!
7/17/2024 2:00 PM