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Helpshift is an AI-first customer service platform that enables businesses to provide seamless customer support. With a comprehensive platform that includes features such as help center, messaging, AI and automation, and agent workspace, Helpshift empowers businesses to deliver personalized and efficient support to their customers. Their AI-powered self-service experience, AI chatbots, and AI-enhanced agent workspace streamline the support process and enhance agent productivity. Helpshift's platform is trusted by top global companies for exceptional customer support.



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Webinar | AI-Powered Customer Service Evolution: Harmonizing AI and Human Intelligence (Step-by-Step Frameworks)
In this webinar, we'll explore the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing customer support. Join us as we delve into the seamless integration of AI and human intelligence, unveiling strategies to enhance efficiency, personalize experiences, and navigate the evolving landscape of customer service.Unite AI for efficiency, human touch for empathy, creating a scalable, empathetic support ecosystemEmbrace AI as essential for competitiveness, yielding efficiency, cost savings, and superior customer experiencesStrategically integrate AI to meet specific business needs, ensuring success in the AI-driven era of customer serviceSpeakers:Stephen Peacock, Head of Games AI, Keywords StudiosErik Ashby, Senior Director, Product Intelligence, HelpshiftGreg Posner, Host of Player: Engage Podcast
6/25/2024 4:00 PM