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IBKR Campus is a platform that offers financial education and market news. It provides a wide range of courses, webinars, podcasts, and articles to help individuals enhance their knowledge and skills in the financial field. Whether you are interested in stocks, options, futures, or other trading products, IBKR Campus has educational resources to support your learning journey. Stay updated with the latest financial news and insights from industry experts. Join the community of contributors and access a wealth of resources to further your financial education.



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Moneyball for Trading Stocks: How to Shift from Prices to Probabilities
No doubt you've had advertisements from information providers telling you "the stock we recommended is up 278%!!!" And hitting big home runs like buying stocks that soar is exhilarating. It's also rare. Most times, investors miss those big jumps. And home runs no more guarantee trading wins than they do in baseball. Getting on base and scoring runs wins games, says the book by Michael Lewis, Moneyball, that became a movie starring Brad Pitt. And small, consistent, high-probability trades are also a way to potentially win with stocks. Moneyball for traders, let’s call it. Learn how Market Structure EDGE shifts the focus from price to probabilities, from charts and patterns to math.
4/4/2024 4:00 PM