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Learn Application Security Hands-on. AppSecEngineer offers hands-on training in application security, with a focus on secure coding, threat modeling, and cloud security. Whether you're a developer, DevOps engineer, security engineer, pentester, security architect, security champion, or cloud engineer, AppSecEngineer has courses tailored to your needs. With over 700+ labs, guided exercises, and real-world scenarios, you can gain practical skills in securing software and systems. Join AppSecEngineer and bridge the gap in your security skills today.



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Webinar: Rapid Threat Modeling with GenAI and LLMs
Tired of the slow pace of Threat Modeling? We're here to change that! Explore "Threat Modeling with GenAI & LLMs" in our upcoming webinar. Join @abhaybhargav for a sneak peek into our revolutionary course. Let’s push the boundaries of cybersecurity!
3/26/2024 4:00 PM