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Vena is a complete planning software that combines what you love about Excel with the power of the Vena Growth Engine. It drives agile, business-wide planning, resilience, and growth. With Vena, you can simplify your key processes, automate tedious tasks, and focus on your business drivers. Vena offers financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, sales performance management, financial close management, and more. You can unleash next-level productivity, uncover powerful financial insights, and unlock your capacity for strategic work. Experience the power of complete planning with Vena.



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Empowering Not-for-Profits | FP&A Event | March 14, 2024
Discover how Vena's state-of-the-art financial management tools can revolutionize your not-for-profit's processes, boosting efficiency and accuracy in financial planning and reporting. Gain valuable insights from Candura, renowned for their expertise in not-for-profit financial planning and reporting. Get practical experience with Vena's Grant Budget Allocation and Dashboard Template. Learn how these innovative tools can be applied to real-world financial scenarios in your not-for-profit organization.
3/14/2024 4:00 PM