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The Pet Professional Guild is an international coalition of compassionate, ethical, and humane pet professionals. We are informed by science, guided by empathy, and governed by ethics. Our mission is to create industry transparency and promote positive training methods to ensure the well-being of pets and their owners. Join us today to become part of a community dedicated to the welfare and happiness of animals.



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Talks with Dogs: How Our Body Language Affects Our Communication with Dogs with Suzanne Clothier
The more details we have the easier it is to list and market the event*: Books and videos help us understand canine body language what this or that means, but where is the focus on handler body language? Handler behavior is as complex and as nuanced as canine body language. When the handler is sending mixed, inconsistent or contrary messages, the dog can end up confused or frustrated. Greater awareness of how these elements can and do affect the dog can improve training and relationships, and help avoid accidentally contributing to a dog’s anxiety, fear, reactivity or just flat out exasperation with humans. Dogs would really appreciate it if humans could learn to mean what they say, and know what they are really saying, and communicate clearly with intent and awareness. Suzanne provides video, examples, details and practical tips for helping handlers make adjustments. Whether you’re a pro who needs new ways to help clients be their best, or a dog loving human who wants to communicate more clearly while removing common roadblocks to understanding, this webinar is for you!Learning ObjectivesAttendees will learn to observe these elements of handler body language, and be able to recognize them in themselves and others, plus practical tips for helping handlers make adjustments for clearer, consistent communication:• Meta-messaging• Balance• Postures & gestures• Orientation• Breathing & blink rate• Expression & voice
6/15/2024 7:00 PM

Previous Webinars

How The Brain Creates Pain with Daniel Shaw - Pet Professional Guild
An introduction to the neurobiology of pain processing, breaking down pain’s sensory, cognitive, and emotional aspects. This webinar also considers the influence of cognitive modulators of pain and how these can be leveraged to support dogs undergoing pain management plans. Learn how the experience of pain is created and its interaction with behaviour and understand the bidirectional nature of the relationship between pain and behavior and how to apply this to support pain management plans.Presenter: Daniel Shaw Sc (Hons), GMBPsS, CDBC
4/11/2024 5:00 PM
Creating Behaviour Modification Plans in Challenging Environments (shelter) with Tom Candy - Pet Professional Guild
This webinar examines how we can create successful behaviour modification plans in challenging environments. Learn how to work around the challenges you encounter in settings from shelters to busy households. Gain knowledge on the importance of BMPs in shelters and understand how to introduce HAPPIER BMPs for demanding scenarios. Obtain relevant insights on setting appropriate goals for BMPS.Your Presenter – Tom Candy: A passion for animal welfare and training who has experience in various aspects of animal rescue operations. Currently, a Senior Training and Behaviour advisor with the UK's largest canine welfare organisation.
3/11/2024 12:00 PM
The Hierarchy of Dog Needs (HDN): The “First, Do No Harm” Model of Ethical Training and Dog Welfare—Beyond LIMA
Join the webinar as Linda Michaels, M.A., Psychology, dives into an enhanced understanding of dog training and ethics, focusing on the dog welfare paradigm 'First, Do No Harm'. The Hierarchy of Dog Needs (HDN), an adaption of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs designed for dogs, will be explored provinding a scientifically supported alternative to the LIMA model of dog training.Presenter: Linda Michaels, M.A.
3/2/2024 6:00 PM