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Exterro is a leading provider of data risk management solutions. Their software platform helps organizations manage and optimize e-discovery, privacy and data governance, digital forensics, and cybersecurity compliance operations. With features like automated workflows, AI-powered insight, and unparalleled integrations, Exterro enables businesses to minimize risk, ensure compliance, and protect critical organizational data.



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Explore the Future of Corporate Law Departments: Insights from 2024 Chief Legal Officers Survey
Explore the future of key issues in corporate law departments in this upcoming webinar, unveiling insights from the 2024 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey. With responses from hundreds of global CLOs, the webinar delves into the evolving CLO role, highlighting key priorities and challenges within legal departments.Our seasoned CLO speakers will address the conflicting pressure to enhance operational efficiency amid accelerating resource constraints. Discover strategies to navigate regulatory/compliance challenges, data privacy concerns, and AI sentiment among legal teams. Gain valuable insights into potential AI use cases and the pivotal role of soft skill development for CLOs and their legal teams.Join this impactful webinar to glean actionable advice directly from industry leaders, empowering you to confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of the CLO role. Stay ahead in legal leadership by securing your spot for this insightful session.Speakers: Pranav Shah, David Cohen, Alexia Maas, Jennifer Hamilton, Prabir Chakrabarty
2/29/2024 7:00 PM