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5/6/2024 4:37:04 PM

What is WebinarCafe?

WebinarCafe is going to revolutionize the way upcoming webinars are shared and discovered. It is a newsletter and directory website that promotes upcoming webinars. WebinarCafe allows producers of webinars to list their event in the directory as well as letting people that are interested in webinars to browse our categories, discover new webinars, and sign up for newsletters about new upcoming webinars that they are interested in.

Origin Story (every hero needs one)

Developed as a side project while I focused on growing my primary business https://statuscast.com, WebinarCafe had always been a labor of love. The platform took years to develop and is a comprehensive platform that provides all of the marketplace, newsletter, and directory management functionality required of a modern website. With the recent sale of StatusCast, my focus is shifting, leaving me fully committed to launching my next big venture (i.e. no more time for a side hustle). But here's the thing - I can't bear to see WebinarCafe gather dust. I fully believe in its utility to the world and that in the hands of the right person or team, it could be primed for something big.


WebinarCafe is in a “recently launched, pre-revenue” stage. I did not go the modern route of building a minimalistic MVP product, then launching. This application took years to develop and is chock-full of features and capabilities. Since launching a few months ago I have put a little money into SEO, but that’s about it. No real website traction or newsletter subscriptions have emerged. As I mentioned, the timing of WebinarCafe’s launch coincided with the sale of StatusCast, so it has not gotten the attention is deserves.

Interested in taking it over?

While money upfront for the technology would of course be preferred, I'm open to various alternative arrangements. Let’s get creative! I just want to see WebinarCafe succeed. This is a golden opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned growth hacker who's adept at SEO and driving traffic. With the site already live, the path to monetization is clear - it just needs the right guidance.

If you aren’t technical and are worried about taking over the technology, I would also be open to helping along the way, even if that remained staying on board in some capacity as a limited-partner. While I don’t have the time to fuel WebinarCafe’s growth, I would be more than happy to stay on board and help keep the product moving forward.

For webinar platform vendors: WebinarCafe could be a game-changer if you are looking for ways to expand your reach. It's a ready-made marketplace to promote upcoming webinars and engage with a broader audience.

Serious inquiries only, please.

If you're ready to seize the opportunity and breathe new life into WebinarCafe, let's connect. Together, we can turn this passion project into a thriving success story. ✨

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Short List of WebinarCafe’s Capabilities:

  • Topic based webinar browsing.
  • Search webinars by topic, keyword, or publisher.
  • Webinars promoted by category and sub-categories, definable by site admins.
  • Fully managed newsletter management system. Subscribe, confirmations, manage topics of interest, unsubscribe.
  • Daily newsletters on upcoming webinars are automatically generated and sent out to subscribers based on their preferences. No admin interaction needed.
  • Subscribers can suggest new categories.
  • Subscribers can subscribe to categories, sub-categories, individual publishers, or individual webinars (as reminders).
  • Daily and weekly newsletter options for subscribers. Daily newsletters of upcoming webinars sent out at midnight for each timezone.
  • Social sharing
  • Subscribers can review and vote on webinars.
  • Comment board and discussions for every webinar.
  • Webinar ratings feed into each webinar publisher’s larger profile.
  • Publishers can promote webinars and request reviews with HTML links provided
  • Easily create and list new webinars.
  • Webinars publishing workflow for larger organizations (approvals?)
  • All webinars must be approved by site admins.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced publishing. Just point WebinarCafe to your registration page and it will automatically pre-fill your listing.
  • Analytics for each webinar. Page views, click-thrus to registration pages, etc.
  • Publisher can claim webinars listed by someone else
  • Publisher team management to allow multiple employees access
  • Draft and publish upcoming webinars in two steps.
  • Every webinar publisher has a profile page.
  • Site admins can bulk create webinar listing using AI.
  • All new webinar listings are manually fed into Google Search via the Google Search Indexing API.
  • The application is HIGHLY optimized for SEO, though there is always room for improvement.

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